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Waxahachie CARE is run by a small staff dedicated to caring for our neighbors, we couldn’t work without the help of our many volunteers and the direction from our board of directors. Each of our staff and board members serve a vital role in helping Waxahachie CARE reach its full potential throughout Ellis County.

We started as a small food pantry created by local churches. Since then, we have grown and grown and grown! We are no longer just a food pantry, today we help neighbors in numerous ways. In addition to providing supplemental groceries once a month, we are able to assist in bill payment when funds are available; provide resources for medical, spiritual and financial growth; and we serve the needs of neighbors with the resources we have.  Under the direction of our new executive dirctor, Kim Holman, we have grown Waxahachie CARE into a thriving hub for good works in Waxahachie. Each week we provide thousands of pounds of food, have about 40 volunteers in our facility and help hundreds of neighbors.

We welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer at CARE. We take all sizes of groups, of all ages, for all sorts of jobs. We can accommodate businesses, church groups, school organizations, families, friends, and so much more. If your heart has felt called to giveback to our community please consider Waxahachie CARE.

We are the oldest community food pantry in Ellis county. Our founder, Mattie Borders, was born August 26, 1912. Miss Mattie chose to address the hunger problem in her community by opening a small community food pantry out of her own home in 1982. The service grew and was later named Waxahachie Care Services (WCS) in 1993. One of Waxahachie CARE’s most fundamental goals is to simply help people make their lives better. Miss Mattie continued to love and serve her community for decades until she passed away y July 16, 2018. She was 105 years old and her legacy is a magnificent example of “loving your neighbor as yourself.”

At Waxahachie CARE, we strive to assist our neighbors with food and utility assistance for those living in poverty or crisis situations. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides for our local community neighbors in need and we strive to be the caring neighbor in Ellis County.

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