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assistance application

Apply to receive assistance from Waxahachie Care or our partners.


Shoe Buddy application

Apply to be considered for a Shoe Buddy Program shoe voucher.

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Community Service Application

CARE is open to those needing to complete community service. Complete the following application.


"Waxahachie CARE has been a life saver for me and my family during times of need." - D

July 2020

"Provided food I wouldn't have had." - G

July 2020

"If it were not for Waxahachie CARE I would struggle to have enough to eat. They have helped me pay my utility bills." - C

June 2020

"CARE has done so much for me and my family as well as a few friends. This year alone I don't know if I would have survived-times have been extremely tough living in an unpopulated area without a vehicle and find work. Without the kind hearts of Waxahachie CARE, My family would not have had a Thanksgiving. Thank you Waxahachie CARE." - K

December 2019