Waxahachie Care Staff

Since 2018, Kim has been the executive director at CARE where she leads a small staff and large team of volunteers. In addition to fundraising, working alongside the board of directors, planning and facilitating events and marketing efforts, Kim advocates for Neighbors in need.

Before joining CARE, Kim worked in the business world in various positions but her favorite role has been being a loving wife, to husband Wade, and caring mother, to daughter Valerie. In her free time you can find her traveling with her family, reading, being creative with her home and caring for others.

Kim says her favorite part about serving in CARE is building new relationships with Neighbors, caring for those in need and learning and living outsider her comfort zone.

Wade manages the day to day operations necessary to ensure CARE achieves its caring objectives. In addition to directing activities and resources for CARE, Wade coordinates and oversees volunteer opportunities within the organization.

Wade’s past experiences prepared him for his role at CARE. He learned food handling processes from his work at a children’s home, is a licensed minister and has served as a pastor and a youth pastor. His management experience comes from years of owning a landscaping business and working in various positions in warehouses and in the construction industry. In his free time, Wade loves spending time with his family, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping and enjoying good fellowship.

Wade says his favorite part about working for CARE is meeting new people, hearing success stories, sharing spiritual encounters and helping others in need.

As the pantry coordinator, Cindy works alongside CARE volunteers to ensure all food and dry good donations are weighed, documented, inspected and then stored and packaged for distribution to Neighbors.

Before being led to CARE, Cindy was a registered dental assistant for 18 years and retired from dentistry to care for her family. In her free time you can find Cindy riding through the countryside on her Harley Davidson, spending time with her siblings, daughters and grandchildren.

Cindy says her favorite part of working for CARE is how the this organization loves the Lord and works together to fulfill the needs of our Neighbors.

Waxahachie Care Board of directors