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A Letter From the Director

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Wow what an amazing journey I began in 2018. I had the privilege to become the Executive Director October 1, 2018. The fourth quarter is our busiest time and I hit the ground running. We finished 2018 with processing 158,000 pounds of food and began 2019 with some changes to better our service to our neighbors.

2019, was a year of change, redirection, new opportunities, expansion and success. It was not long before God introduced us to some amazing employees, volunteers and donors. We added 3 employees and began diligently working to become efficient through implementing procedures to cut down physical strain, and added resources that would eliminate backbreaking work. Our donor list grew; funds began to increase along with retail food poundage. Food drives were creating competitions to bring in more food and we were meeting some great people. Our goal for pounds of food was 500,000 and we exceeded that by 7,346.

As 2020 began, we had victory over many hurdles but the one that was lingering was a new software program that would be user friendly and could do more than remember names. The Board of Directors budgeted new software in for 2021 but in April, right at the beginning of Covid-19, our system crashed and we found ourselves on the fast track to a new software program. With the help of employees and volunteer training, implementation was in full force. This was a blessing in so many ways. We now use an iPad and Tablet to check in neighbors, take their picture so we no longer need a driver’s license and we can input all their information while our neighbors never leave their car. This software tracks pounds, families, individuals, volunteers and hours, other financial assistance and runs reports for any given dates. This definitely streamlined our intake process; quick and simple. 2020 also brought new donors, creative ideas, and new volunteers and added another employee. Normally we will see a dip in giving monetarily, food and resources in the summer months but this year giving increased and people became creative in how to host food drives. Our supplies stayed the same when retail stores were running out of meat, perishables and toiletries. We now have a donor that is dedicated to purchasing toiletries each week. This is an example of how God works, He always provides. We again made a goal of 500,000 pounds of food and again that number was exceeded. Total poundage of food for 2020 was 621,497!

Oh, the tears we have shed and the laughing so hard until our stomach hurts kind of stories. We were blessed by being available and having funds and resources to give others. We have provided A/C units, heaters and resources for new electrical boxes. We have helped with replacing refrigerators and getting utilities turned on. We have watched children eat in the car as soon as the groceries arrive and hear their parents say thank you while sobbing. We watched a younger brother light up when he saw us take a new bicycle from our vehicle that would be going to his older sister for Christmas. The love he had in his heart for his family made that trip worth every mile. We all could tell so many stories of how 2020 affected us personally, emotionally and within our jobs. The difference is giving to others and having the resources to give, that makes 2020 a remarkable year for us.

It has been a joy to serve my community in such a way. I will always be grateful to a very supportive board that believes in me and the mission of Waxahachie CARE. Thank you Ellis County for entrusting me with your donations. My promise to you is Waxahachie CARE will remain available and give to those in need.

-Kim Holman

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